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While weekly Men’s Group meetings are a major step in faith growth, there are an abundance of other resources available to help us along our faith journey and finding good ones can take time and can be a little frustrating.

Many of our guest speakers have given suggestions on different books and other resources that they have found helpful. The goal of this page is to make the work and suggestions of others easily available to you!

Hopefully you will find this page to he helpful in your everyday walk.

~ Resources ~

This months featured resource:  New App & Book!

App Suggestion:

Lets start with the Augustine Institute, they have just launched a new App for iPhone users, just go to the App Store and search for Formed. If you have not already been set up with an account through the formed website you will need to register and set up a log in and fortunately Holy Spirit Parish wants you to have access and have taken care of the cost for you, the Parish Code is eda33. The program we are using this summer is available there in the Featured section. The only thing I don’t like about it, as of right now, is everything has to be streamed though from what I can tell they are looking into the possibility of maybe making the things available for download. So get on, review it & let them know you want that option and maybe we can make it happen!

Book Suggestion:

I wasn’t planning on promoting more than the new Formed App this month but I have heard about this book on so many different podcasts the last couple of weeks that I felt I needed to share. I have not personally had the chance to check it out yet, but will be after I get through another book I am working on. Though not a theological book on Catholicism, the book can and has had a pretty big impact on millions of people and has been named as one of the 10 most influential books in America.


  • Laudate
  • Pray: The Catholic Novena App
  • Saint Calendar
  • Bible – Catholic Study Bible Ignatius Press Augustine Institute
  • Mass Times
  • St. Philip
  • 3 Minute Catechism – 3MC

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