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Oct 25th – Oct 27th

Not sure if you want to go on a Men’s Retreat… Why should you go?

Well, there are a lot of reasons to go on retreat, here are a few reasons that I like to go on retreat:

First of all – I believe in a God who believes in me. I kneel before a Savior – your Savior – Jesus Christ who died for me, who looked through my unworthiness and declared worth. And I follow a Spirit who, daily, sets before me a steep, treacherous and often unpopular path of virtue. Most days I fail; some days I don’t.

Silence – (No it isn’t a Silent Retreat) I need to go on retreat at least once a year…to take a weekend or more when no one “needs” anything from me. No early morning emails or late night texts. No stress of deadlines or frustration when others miss theirs. A weekend where I can just be a son of God and not fulfill all the earthly duties that come with being a husband and father, boss or co-worker. Ironically, I need to retreat in order to advance.

Brotherhood – One of the most significant factors for personal happiness can be found in relationships with other people and some of my best friendships have been forged through Men’s Retreats.  What keeps me walking and ascending the spiritual mountain is not only my love for Christ but my spiritual brothers who don’t let me settle for less than I am designed to be. I need accountability. I need guys who are willing to kick me in the butt when I’m lazy in my prayer, my exercise, my marriage, or my fatherhood.

If you’re anything like me…if you’re a man seeking to become a better man, I’d like to invite you to retreat, too. To get out of the office and get back to God. And good news, we have spots currently remaining for our annual Men’s Retreat. It is a weekend that has the power to forever change your life and vocation.

I go on retreat…because I’m a man (pursuing God). I encourage you to retreat, too.

8th Annual Men’s Retreat


Who: Any man that wants to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church.

What: A Catholic retreat for any and all men looking to go deeper, sponsored by Holy Spirit Parish Men’s Group.  (((NOT A SILENT RETREAT)))

Why:  To offer encouragement & challenge, a calling forth to every willing man in preparation for your vocation. Come, join us in battle

When: Friday, Oct. 25th @ 7 PM thru Sunday, Oct. 27th @ 10:30 AM

Where: Broom Tree Retreat Center at the “Archbishop Carlson Lodge”

FYI: We will have burgers & brats available between 6:00 & 7:00pm on Oct 25th before getting started with the evening events.


Ever Ancient, Ever New

Featuring: Joe Rutten